Thursday, October 11, 2007

Eames Hack

These two pieces, the Eames toilet chair and the Eames child seat, are about breaking the status surrounding high design objects. Through physically invasive alterations, these once iconic, elite, forms are liberated from their old, restrained image. The project is not a critique of the Eames, but rather a fulfillment of their original ideals.

This project was produced as part of a three day charette in the Department of Industrial Design at The University of the Arts, Philadelphia. The theme of the charette centers around Remake and DIY culture. The purpose of this charette is to explore the role designers have in respect to this emerging culture. The team members for this project are as follows: Jared Delorenzo, Tim Peet, Alexandra Temple Powell, Tom Reynolds, Alie Thomer, and Andrew McCandlish.


kk said...

As a mother and a design enthusiast, I love to see great design for kids. But the Eames highchair looks quite difficult. I can't imagine having to get my daughter's legs in those two holes! Still, it's a great idea and much more beautiful than our highchair!

P.S. I have a design-devoted blog too:

amy said...

FYI - the Eameses designed a chair for children
that's kinda better than the re-interpretation.

patrick said...

blasephmy !

by the way the white chair is not an eames its a knock-off.

mccandlisha said...

"patrick said...

blasephmy !

by the way the white chair is not an eames its a knock-off."

Thank you for your feedback,
We know that the white chair is a
knock off but you get the point anyway.

Jesús said...

more hacks
more hacks

kris said...

I have taken a dump on that toilet many of times. Is that baby guido?

Club said...


Do you mind if I use your picture to show the child seat hack on our blog dedicated to Eames (

Thanks !

thomas steven said...

I know... I tell you all the time BUT YOU ARE SO AMAZING. They turned out beautiful and I love your little furry chair inspector!
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Anmol Garg said...

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